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Introduction of Macao offshore company:

Macao Offshore Company

Under the Decree-Law No. 58/99/M of Macao SAR effective from 1 November 1999, investors can operate offshore business in Macao and enjoy tax exemption incentives, provided that their operations are in accordance with the applicable offshore legislative provisions and local statutory requirements.

Basic Criteria for Offshore Services Operations
To operate offshore service business in Macao, the investors must abide by the following rules:
1. To use only non-Macao currency in their activities
2. To target only non-Macao residents as customers
3. To focus only on non-Macao markets
Tax Exemptions
Tax exemptions offered by Macao government to the offshore business include:
Exemptions for corporation:-
1. Macao complementary tax (profit tax)
2. Macao industrial tax (business registration fee)
3. Macao stamp duty levies relating to offshore business
Exemption for individuals:-
Management and specialists (non-Macao residents) employed by the offshore company can enjoy exemption from Macao professional tax (salaries tax) for the first 3 calendar years of their employment, provided that they have obtained Macao resident permits.
Types of Businesses
There are two types of businesses of Macao offshore companies, they are:
1. Offshore finance business, regulated and supervised by the Macao Monetary Authority
2. Offshore service business, regulated and supervised by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (“IPIM”)
Currently, most of the applications for operating offshore business in Macao are of the type of offshore service business.
Types of Offshore Service Companies
There are two types of Macao offshore service companies (“MOCs”):
1. Offshore commercial service institution
- can provide services to any third party, not limited to the holding company
2. Offshore auxiliary service institution
- can only provide services to the parent company
Requirement of Company Name of MOC
Company name of a MOC must include the following wordings:
Type of MOC
Offshore commercial service institution
“Macao Commercial Offshore”
Offshore auxiliary service institution
“Macao Auxiliary Offshore”
Range of Service Business
The Macao offshore law currently allows a MOC to operate one or more of the following 20 categories of offshore service businesses:
Hardware consultant
Software consultant
Data processing
Database related activities
Back offices activities
Research and development activities
Tests and technical analysis activities
Management and administration of ships and aircraft
Procedures for Setting Up a MOC
The investors must firstly obtain offshore service permits from the IPIM before the incorporation of MOC. There are generally 5 stages to set up a MOC in Macao:
1. Liaison with the governing authority (IPIM) to review the draft application documents of MOC, mainly the application form and investment plan
2 Upon finalization of the draft application documents, preparation and submission of official application documents prescribed by IPIM
3 Assessment of the application by IPIM
4 Upon approval of the application by IPIM, incorporation of the MOC
5 Issuance of the offshore business permit by IPIM
The MOC can operate offshore business in Macao only after its offshore service permit issued.
Process time for each stage is estimated as follows:
Stage 1 Around 2 to 3 weeks depending on the documents and information supplied and the complexity of the case
Stage 2 Depending on the types of application documents and time for preparing the documents by applicant
Stage 3 Within 30 days from the submission date of official application documents to IPIM
Stage 4 Around 3 to 4 weeks after all required documents for incorporation and registrations submitted to Macao Commercial Registry
Stage 5 Around few days after submission of all required documents and payment of set up fee to IPIM
Licence fees of a MOC
The licence fees to be charged by IPIM are as follows:
Offshore commercial service
Offshore auxiliary service
Set up fee upon the issuance of offshore service permit
MOP 5,000
MOP 5,000
Annual operating fees (a)
- Registered capital of MOP25,000 – MOP100,000
MOP 10,000
MOP 6,000
- Registered capital of over MOP100,000 and up to MOP1,000,000
MOP 20,000
MOP 13,000
- Registered capital of MOP1,000,001 or above
MOP 30,000
MOP 20,000
(a) Annual operating fees are payable by two instalments (50% each) at end of the six-month periods from January to June and from July to December.
Other Professional and Secretarial Services for MOCs
We also provide professional and secretarial services in the following areas:
1. Statutory audit in compliance with IPIM’s requirements;
2. Preparation of statutory financial reports to IPIM;
3. Corporate and individual tax planning;
4. Assistance in government regulations compliance;
5. Assistance in staff recruitment;
6. Assistance in application for employment work permit or resident permit;
7. Lease of office premises and other office facilities;
8. Administration of employees’ salaries tax and social security contributions;
9. Preparation of employer’s annual salaries tax returns, etc.
Macao Offshore Company (MOC)
(offshore service company limited liability by quota shares)
Type of corporation
- Offshore commercial service company
- Offshore auxiliary service company
Disclosure of beneficial owner Yes (only to the licensing authority)
Profit tax and business registration tax Exempted
Company name
- Either Chinese or Portuguese, or both
- English name applicable only the company has Chinese and Portuguese name
- Wordings of “Macao Commercial Offshore” or Macao Auxiliary Offshore” must be included in company name
Availability of shelf company No
Estimated time for setting up a MOC
- around 2 months for offshore permit application
- around 1 month for incorporation
Share capital:  
 Minimum registered capital 25,000
 Currency Macao Patacas (MOP)
 Minimum number 1
 Residency requirement No
 Filing requirement on change Yes
 Minimum number 1
 Residency requirement No
 Corporate director Yes (but must assign individual representative)
 Filing requirement on change Yes
Secretary Optional

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